8 ways to wake up early easily

Early to bed, Early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. ” – Benjamin Franklin
A line which all of you have read and recited in your childhood days for those morning school days! Gone are those, and due to late night sleeping habits and busy schedule waking up early isn’t possible anymore. But waking up early has got several benefits, it not only makes your body healthy but also makes your mind fresh and keeps you rejuvenated all through the day. The fresh and pure atmosphere, calm surroundings and chirping of birds can rarely be enjoyed if you wake up late. The lemon yellow sky turning bright orangy with the slow rise of the early morning sun is one of the best views you can enjoy in your day. Though waking up early might give a cut to your long sleeping hours and thus seem to be a boring task. But you don’t want to miss out the freshness and calmness that nature has to offer early in the morning. Moreover you have decided to use your running shoes which are kept in your shoe rack from long.
So how to wake up early? Always keep this question moving in your mind.
That alarm sound really makes me feel irritated. From tomorrow I’ll keep it shut.
– Reactions!! Every morning.
I want to ask you few questions.
1. Why do you want to wake up early?
2. Which time you want to wake up?
3. What do you want to do early in the morning?
Answers?? Hopefully you have found them in your head.
Now let me start. Now I think you are determined as you have the right mindset to start.
So I am giving you ways which can help you to wake up early.
1. Make a strong mindset.
Ask yourself repeatedly everyday before you going to sleep these 3 questions. Make your mind strong and then go for sleeping. You will be more determined deep inside.
  • Listen to podcast related to waking up early.
  • Read inspirational stories about people who were early risers.
  • Remind yourself about the importance of early rising.

2. Imagine
Close your eyes and imagine. Imagine the early morning, chilling fresh air, birds chirping around you, fresh mind, new ideas, brilliant mood. A perfect combination for your well being.
“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”— Benjamin Franklin

3. Develop a “you can do” attitude

Get excited about your day, and you’ll jump out of bed. Don’t drive yourself with guilt about why you have to wake up early. Make waking up early something you want to do for yourself.

Of course, the joy of creating and achieving can drive you towards your goal. But don’t be afraid to motivate yourself by doing something crazy in the morning. Dance to your favorite music, else read inspirational books, take a hot sip of your favourite beverage.

And reward yourself as you go one step closer to your goal day by day.

4. Set an alarm
This might seems boring. You might feel annoyed with the tone earlier. Might you feel like breaking the phone or the clock. But don’t worry. Within few days you won’t need this as you will wake up before your alarm rings. You will be habituated and won’t need the help of an alarm.

5. Ask your friends for help
Make groups with friends and go for a walk with them. Spend some quality time talking with them. Laugh out loud. Smile more. Live more.

6. Sleep well
Always the struggle isn’t all mental. There’s a strong physical component and the amount — as well as the quality — of sleep you get is the most important factor.
So sleep well, make a comfortable bed. Keep your phone and laptop away. Read a book, read it. Keep yours stress at Bay and sleep a good night sleep. Sleep early and wake up early. Remember that you need at least 8 hours of sleep to stay healthy and active.

7. Keep a journal
Write your progress in a journal you keep. Reward yourself by giving that wonderful cake which you have seen while coming from work. Relieve. Relax. Enjoy.

8. Stop that few more minutes urge
Most of the times we feel we can sleep for 5 more minutes. But that few minutes become hours and we repent. So it’s better remove this attitude completely. And wake up straight away.
After early waking you might feel sleepy. So do these –
1. Do exercise
Make your body do some basic exercises after waking up. You can go for walking, running anything you like but get yourself moving and listen to your favorite tune if you want. Sweat out. Breathe. Relax.

2. Meditate
After getting up early find some time and meditate as it will not make you feel sleepy again. Then drink a glass of herbal tea. Prepare it with your own hands and enjoy your warm happiness.

3. Read your favorite book
Take that book you like. Or open your Kindle and start reading your favorite book. You can read religious books too if you are a religious person. Else stick to motivational books or you favorite book.

4. Prepare breakfast
Prepare a healthy breakfast for you. Mix all the ingredients you like. Or if you are too lazy then make a smoothie full for vegetables and fruits. A great way to make you feel full and keep you healthy.

If you fail waking up one day, don’t give up. Always remember your goal. Think it’s better to start now than never, and everything will fall in place. So start doing and stop thinking and negotiating with your mind. Humans need 21 days to develop a habit. So you are not far away from making a good healthy habit.

Article- Subhajit Chowdhury

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Be Your First Love

“Self love is an ocean and your heart is a vessel. Make it full, and any excess will spill over into the lives of the people you hold dear. But you must come first.”

~  Beau Taplin ||Self Love 

The title “Be Your First Love” may seem very catchy and may eventually garner lot of attention. But believe me or not, at some point of our lives it’s one of the toughest things we could have ever done. Think of such situations or times when loving ourselves was the toughest thing to do. The loneliness which can break you apart in those sleepless nights, can fix your heart at times like nothing. The heart and body which we will have to carry till grave is our own, yet falling in love with ourselves accepting our shortcomings seems to be tough.

We as individuals are complex and full of passions, strengths, weaknesses and insecurities. Our life may seem perfect yet be full of hidden discomforts. Often these discomforts lead to insecurities, corroding our happy smiles. We may not be the best in all the roles we perform, but that’s just fine. Stop being covertly judgemental about yourself and stop fitting in every role.  At times loving yourself is a priority and your happiness should matter to you the most. Our happiness often becomes dependent on the people around us, making us vulnerable. People in our life can be a reason for our happiness, but should not be the ultimate source of it. Life doesn’t mean a box full of presents, but a road trip full of hurdles. Love your company and pamper yourself at those lazy weekends. Prepare a meal for yourself, watch your favourite movie or read a book which were planning to read from long. Take a trip through memory lane, pat your back for all the tough days you have successfully gone pass. Smile for those memories which made you cry, feel blessed!


Be different, be real. Your individuality should not be boxed in the mainstream way to fit into societal norms. The do’s and don’ts shouldn’t be a way of framing your personality, be a soul full of energy – mature yet childish, messy at times but tough enough to handle the blows. Love yourself and celebrate the complex  and commendable piece of art we all are born as. Of all the things that bother you in life, the feeling of not being enough, is worst. Change yourself only if you feel to and never to fit in. Realise that you can’t get everything in one life, let few wishes be unfulfilled and smile for all the great things you have got. Smile and smile without reasons, have that infectious energy in your uncensored smile.

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By- Debolina Ghosh