The Decade’s Last Sunday!

So, today is the last Sunday of this decade. I don’t know how to react, but it just takes me back to the first Day of 2010, a flashback of innumerous memories. The journey of a 14 year old kid to a 24 year old, it’s been hell of a ride. I can recall myself solving sums in a Sunday morn with friends around, this moved to studying literature with a new bunch of amazing peeps, the Sunday being constant. One thing that hasn’t changed though is my mom nagging me to take shower on time, just like the first Sunday of this decade before I jump on to the lunch.
This decade was probably the most happening decade for any millennial like me. Doesn’t it seem just yesterday you were in Class 9 preparing for your upcoming boards and today life is just hell lot different. Don’t you feel that growing up sucks?
You don’t see familiar faces around you, the vibe is totally different, filled with different age group of people and whole lot of formal conversations.
Were you ready for all of this? Suddenly you were abound with so much more than you ever expected or imagined.
This was the only decade that hurriedly trespassed through our teenage years and threw us out in the world without any alarm, the snooze button is non-existent here. From sending first texts, to those missed calls, and then forming whatsapp groups and hiding your last scene, we grew up. From middle school, to high school, to college days and then through a mix of innocent smiles and anxiously worrying University days, life changed a lot. Some of us fell in love, some fell out of love, all of us wanted to grow up fast only to realise that it’s not that fun.
But beyond all of these things, this decade taught us to stand on our feet, from carrying school bags to carrying office bags we matured. Our unadulterated smiles turned a bit cautious, some friendship became everlasting some withered away. We don’t get to talk like we used to, all bounded by time, but whenever you pass by an old friend a piece of your childhood reminiscence awakens that child.
Just as this decade is about to end, lot of things are going to change, probably much more than we can comprehend now. But all I want is to get the same spontaneity out of life.
All I want to say to my 14 year old self is, thank you for not being too apprehensive about the days that awaited, for always smiling and laughing out loud, for loving yourself and picking yourself up in the toughest of the times, for not being worried about how you look or what others define beauty as. Thank you for loving yourself and waiting patiently for your true love to find you back. ♥️
And yes a big thank you to my family, friends and acquaintances for being a part of this rollercoaster ride.
Love Mercy Pity and Peace 💫



Do our memories have memories?

You’re a distant dream

Like a burnt-out cigarette

Like a half-read novel

Like an unfinished book

Reeking of ideas, Of possibilities, Of hopes

Tossed away at some remote corners of this room

Corners my parched fingers can’t reach, can’t touch, can’t fathom.


Do our memories have memories?

Your porcelain skin so soft

The way they brush my hair

Gingerly resting onto my chest

Tending wounds so deep; scars that wouldn’t heal

And yet they heal. And yet they mend.


Do our memories have memories?

Like a flame so torrid you blaze into existence

Making love so fierce, so care-free, so wild

Not a thought in the world.

The sultry summer afternoons,

Lying naked in yellow mickey mouse shorts

Hair, an unkempt mess, lips with a hint of pink, eyes unflinching

Hand rolled cigars between your fingers

Head rested against mine

Pleasantly dull; slipping into mirthful oblivion.



Image Courtesy: Pexels


Thank You for everything!

“My mother is a walking miracle.”  — LEONARDO DICAPRIO

Mother’s Day is just a day assigned to the calendar to acknowledge the immense pain and trouble you have been going through to make me smile. I will fall short of words to describe your contributions in my life while raising me from a child to a woman! From those sleepless nights to cooking my favorite dishes and taking care of me, you have always kept me before your own wishes. I owe my existence to you Mom. You have filled my heart with love and compassion which enables me to fight against all odds. Thank you for making my world beautiful and for believing in my capabilities.


Even today when I don’t get enough time to spend with you, thank you for understanding me and showering your selfless love and care for me. At times I get angry, thank you for tolerating my tantrums. You have never expected anything in return but have always showered immense love and care upon me. I will never have the capacity to thank you enough for all your contributions. But on this day, I will certainly do as much as I can and love you with all my heart.

Your blessings can do wonders for me. Your smile gives me peace and makes my efforts count. Thank you for forgiving me and embracing me even if I do anything wrong and scolding me if I do anything wrong. You have been my first teacher and my biggest support system! You make my world complete and without your contributions, I would stand nowhere. All of these words fall short to thank you enough. Happy Mother’s Day to all those wonderful mothers in the world who sacrifice their happiness for their children. You all make us better human beings through your love and affection. To all the Mothers in the world, a big thank you for making the world beautiful each and every day, from ourglamsoul team.


Article by a loving daughter – Debolina Ghosh 🙂

Drawing- Subhajit Chowdhury

Believe … Become

Belief, this may be a 6 letter word for many of us. But look closely this isn’t just a word from an English dictionary. This can propel a person to unimaginable heights and unfathomable success. If you take the examples of famous personalities this becomes even more vivid. Let us take the example of Apple Inc Founder, the iconic Steve Jobs, a Stanford dropout who changed the way the world looked at technology. I can bet for a million bucks that not many of his peers may have given him a chance when he dropped out. But hey, that turned out to be the turning point in his career. He had his ideas like all his fellow batch mates but the one thing that stood out was his belief. He had his share of ups and downs but that didn’t deter him from achieving what he set out to achieve. He failed a hell lot of times but he held on to his greatest asset and that is belief. He is an icon, a role model for the generations to come.  He may have left us but his legacy will go on and the next time when a kid looks at a half-eaten apple, we will all know that the kid will be looking at the legacy left by a certain man who goes by the name Steven Paul Jobs.



If we talk about sports there are many that come to my mind. Let us take our very own Sachin Tendulkar, a 5’5’’ random bloke from India’s commercial capital city, Mumbai who took the cricket world by storm during his playing days. He started playing at a young age but he never really may have dreamt that he would end up as the highest ever run-getter in Tests and ODIs and the only cricketer to have scored a century of centuries. He is also the recipient of the coveted Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian honour in India among other national awards. The winner of 2011 World cup may have added numerous feathers in his highly decorated cap but while he was a child the only thing he ever wanted to do was to wear the Blue jersey of his nation and take the field in front of a packed Wankhede. When he debuted at the age of 16 against Pakistan in Karachi, they already had a fearsome pace attack led by the legendary Wasim Akram. He failed in his initial days and given his age could have given up altogether. But he held on to his belief, worked hard on his game, piled on the runs and never really looked back. He had broken numerous records, set new records but he himself had said: “Records are meant to be broken”. Even during the twilight of his long illustrious career, he was among the first person to come for practice and one of the last to leave. Such was the dedication of this Mumbai boy who always believed that he can chase his dreams and make them a reality.


Such instances are numerous. We are all born with certain talents and abilities, the ones which we don’t have control over. But the one thing that can be inculcated among all of us is belief. We will all have our bad days at some point in our lives, that time when will think about giving up. But its only belief that can hold our hands and let us cross the troubled waters and we have to remember there is always light at the end of a cave. No matter what happens, we have to promise ourselves that we will never stop believing. We will never back down and never give up because we need to push ourselves by believing that we are closer to our success than we think. Every little step will make a difference, and with a strong belief, we can even surpass the toughest barriers coming in our way.

“The absolutely awesome incredible power of belief is the genie in your life.”                                                                                                                               – Eldon Taylor


Article –Sankhadeep Dey


Be Your First Love

“Self love is an ocean and your heart is a vessel. Make it full, and any excess will spill over into the lives of the people you hold dear. But you must come first.”

~  Beau Taplin ||Self Love 

The title “Be Your First Love” may seem very catchy and may eventually garner lot of attention. But believe me or not, at some point of our lives it’s one of the toughest things we could have ever done. Think of such situations or times when loving ourselves was the toughest thing to do. The loneliness which can break you apart in those sleepless nights, can fix your heart at times like nothing. The heart and body which we will have to carry till grave is our own, yet falling in love with ourselves accepting our shortcomings seems to be tough.

We as individuals are complex and full of passions, strengths, weaknesses and insecurities. Our life may seem perfect yet be full of hidden discomforts. Often these discomforts lead to insecurities, corroding our happy smiles. We may not be the best in all the roles we perform, but that’s just fine. Stop being covertly judgemental about yourself and stop fitting in every role.  At times loving yourself is a priority and your happiness should matter to you the most. Our happiness often becomes dependent on the people around us, making us vulnerable. People in our life can be a reason for our happiness, but should not be the ultimate source of it. Life doesn’t mean a box full of presents, but a road trip full of hurdles. Love your company and pamper yourself at those lazy weekends. Prepare a meal for yourself, watch your favourite movie or read a book which were planning to read from long. Take a trip through memory lane, pat your back for all the tough days you have successfully gone pass. Smile for those memories which made you cry, feel blessed!


Be different, be real. Your individuality should not be boxed in the mainstream way to fit into societal norms. The do’s and don’ts shouldn’t be a way of framing your personality, be a soul full of energy – mature yet childish, messy at times but tough enough to handle the blows. Love yourself and celebrate the complex  and commendable piece of art we all are born as. Of all the things that bother you in life, the feeling of not being enough, is worst. Change yourself only if you feel to and never to fit in. Realise that you can’t get everything in one life, let few wishes be unfulfilled and smile for all the great things you have got. Smile and smile without reasons, have that infectious energy in your uncensored smile.

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By- Debolina Ghosh