The Decade’s Last Sunday!

So, today is the last Sunday of this decade. I don’t know how to react, but it just takes me back to the first Day of 2010, a flashback of innumerous memories. The journey of a 14 year old kid to a 24 year old, it’s been hell of a ride. I can recall myself solving sums in a Sunday morn with friends around, this moved to studying literature with a new bunch of amazing peeps, the Sunday being constant. One thing that hasn’t changed though is my mom nagging me to take shower on time, just like the first Sunday of this decade before I jump on to the lunch.
This decade was probably the most happening decade for any millennial like me. Doesn’t it seem just yesterday you were in Class 9 preparing for your upcoming boards and today life is just hell lot different. Don’t you feel that growing up sucks?
You don’t see familiar faces around you, the vibe is totally different, filled with different age group of people and whole lot of formal conversations.
Were you ready for all of this? Suddenly you were abound with so much more than you ever expected or imagined.
This was the only decade that hurriedly trespassed through our teenage years and threw us out in the world without any alarm, the snooze button is non-existent here. From sending first texts, to those missed calls, and then forming whatsapp groups and hiding your last scene, we grew up. From middle school, to high school, to college days and then through a mix of innocent smiles and anxiously worrying University days, life changed a lot. Some of us fell in love, some fell out of love, all of us wanted to grow up fast only to realise that it’s not that fun.
But beyond all of these things, this decade taught us to stand on our feet, from carrying school bags to carrying office bags we matured. Our unadulterated smiles turned a bit cautious, some friendship became everlasting some withered away. We don’t get to talk like we used to, all bounded by time, but whenever you pass by an old friend a piece of your childhood reminiscence awakens that child.
Just as this decade is about to end, lot of things are going to change, probably much more than we can comprehend now. But all I want is to get the same spontaneity out of life.
All I want to say to my 14 year old self is, thank you for not being too apprehensive about the days that awaited, for always smiling and laughing out loud, for loving yourself and picking yourself up in the toughest of the times, for not being worried about how you look or what others define beauty as. Thank you for loving yourself and waiting patiently for your true love to find you back. ♥️
And yes a big thank you to my family, friends and acquaintances for being a part of this rollercoaster ride.
Love Mercy Pity and Peace 💫



Do our memories have memories?

You’re a distant dream

Like a burnt-out cigarette

Like a half-read novel

Like an unfinished book

Reeking of ideas, Of possibilities, Of hopes

Tossed away at some remote corners of this room

Corners my parched fingers can’t reach, can’t touch, can’t fathom.


Do our memories have memories?

Your porcelain skin so soft

The way they brush my hair

Gingerly resting onto my chest

Tending wounds so deep; scars that wouldn’t heal

And yet they heal. And yet they mend.


Do our memories have memories?

Like a flame so torrid you blaze into existence

Making love so fierce, so care-free, so wild

Not a thought in the world.

The sultry summer afternoons,

Lying naked in yellow mickey mouse shorts

Hair, an unkempt mess, lips with a hint of pink, eyes unflinching

Hand rolled cigars between your fingers

Head rested against mine

Pleasantly dull; slipping into mirthful oblivion.



Image Courtesy: Pexels


Thank You for everything!

“My mother is a walking miracle.”  — LEONARDO DICAPRIO

Mother’s Day is just a day assigned to the calendar to acknowledge the immense pain and trouble you have been going through to make me smile. I will fall short of words to describe your contributions in my life while raising me from a child to a woman! From those sleepless nights to cooking my favorite dishes and taking care of me, you have always kept me before your own wishes. I owe my existence to you Mom. You have filled my heart with love and compassion which enables me to fight against all odds. Thank you for making my world beautiful and for believing in my capabilities.


Even today when I don’t get enough time to spend with you, thank you for understanding me and showering your selfless love and care for me. At times I get angry, thank you for tolerating my tantrums. You have never expected anything in return but have always showered immense love and care upon me. I will never have the capacity to thank you enough for all your contributions. But on this day, I will certainly do as much as I can and love you with all my heart.

Your blessings can do wonders for me. Your smile gives me peace and makes my efforts count. Thank you for forgiving me and embracing me even if I do anything wrong and scolding me if I do anything wrong. You have been my first teacher and my biggest support system! You make my world complete and without your contributions, I would stand nowhere. All of these words fall short to thank you enough. Happy Mother’s Day to all those wonderful mothers in the world who sacrifice their happiness for their children. You all make us better human beings through your love and affection. To all the Mothers in the world, a big thank you for making the world beautiful each and every day, from ourglamsoul team.


Article by a loving daughter – Debolina Ghosh 🙂

Drawing- Subhajit Chowdhury

MamaEarth Anti Hairfall Kit Review

 All of us are very fond of our hair and want to see them growing stronger and better! Be it guys or girls, hair is an important asset that determines our beauty to a large extent. But what hinders us from good hair is mostly hair fall problems coupled with dull hair and dandruff!

When well being is concerned, not only the foods we consume but also the products we use should be safe for us. While we try to include good foods in our diet, we forget to do so for our skin and hair. Use of shampoos containing parabens, sulfates and mineral oils makes our hair prone to breakage, making us worried!

Today I am going to review a kit which I have been using for more than 2 months, and am eager to share my thoughts on this. I was heartbroken like any of you to see strands of hair everywhere and anywhere in my house! Until then I had tried out each and every other shampoo, but nothing gave me satisfactory results. But one day, I came across this new brand which was mainly focusing on babies and mothers. I don’t fall in any of the two categories though, so was a bit hesitant at first. But then I found out that this product can be used by anyone and not for any category particularly.

Mama Earth Anti Hair Fall Kit:

(Asia’s 1st MadeSafe Certified Brand)

Price: The Anti Hair Fall Kit is priced at 999 Rupees(as an introductory offer).

It claims to show results within 6 weeks of usage! All the products are free of all kinds of toxins – Sulphates, Parabens, Mineral Oil and other harmful chemicals.

Products in the Kit :

1. Happy Heads Shampoo: 200 ml

The Shampoo has a gel-like consistency and is colorless. It has a mild citrusy fragrance and doesn’t lather too much since it is free of sulfates.

Key Ingredients: Biotin, Horse Chestnut Extract, Amla Extract, Bhringraj Extract, Clary Sage Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil and Orange Essential Oil.

Experience: Cleans your scalp well and leaves your hair soft. This should be used for 2-3 times in a week depending on your hair.

2. No More Tangles Conditioner: 200 ml

The conditioner has thick creamy texture and has a very pleasant fruity smell. After using the shampoo you need to use the conditioner and massage it for 2-3 minutes and rinse off with water.

Key Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Shea Butter, Amla Extract, Milk Protein, Fenugreek Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Rosemary, Cedarwood and Lavender Essential Oil.

Experience: Leaves your hair softer and gives a shine making it frizz free.

3. Pro-Growth Hair Tonic: 100 ml

It has a water like consistency and is oil free and non-sticky. It is to be applied directly to scalp and lightly massaged with fingertips. It claims to strengthen hair roots, reduce hair fall and improve hair density.

Key Ingredients: Korean Red Ginseng Extract, Caffeine Niacinamide, Potassium Sorbate, Basil Essential Oil and Geranium Essential Oil.

Experience: It gets absorbed completely in the scalp and is totally oil free. Gives a slight cooling sensation and is my favorite product in the whole kit. You should use it regularly for best results.

4. Root Restore Hair Oil: 100 ml

It is a blend of several essential oils and claims to work on the hair roots to promote hair growth. It helps to strengthen roots, provide nourishment and repair damaged hair. The oil helps to make hair stronger, healthier and bring a natural shine.

Key Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Orange Oil, Rosemary Oil, Palmarosa Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cinema Bark Oil, Bhringraj Oil and Vitamin E.

Experience: The oil is not very sticky, and has a pleasant herbal fragrance. The oil should be massaged on scalp gently to help it penetrate scalp. I suggest to keep it overnight and then wash hair the next day with the shampoo.

Packaging :

All the 4 products come in a similar looking bottle packaging. The shampoo and conditioner has a very convenient pump packaging and comes with a closure. The oil comes in an easy to dispense bottle packaging and the tonic has a spray nozzle for direct application.

Shelf life: All the products have 2 years shelf life.

Overall Review: ( Using it for more than 8 weeks)

Though it’s a 6 weeks challenge, I could see results from the very first month of use. It really does what it claims, and have reduced my hair fall to almost 90%. As most of us have used shampoos with harmful chemicals, you yourself can make out the difference in your hair after you start using the products. The products can be used by both females and males. You can certainly give this a shot.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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12 Foods To Avoid For Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I definitely have a hearty breakfast before I do anything.

-Mayer Hawthorne

Breakfast, as we all know, is the first meal of the day and should be a heavy one. But this is the meal which we neglect the most. We go to the local store or supermarkets and we buy all the easiest so-called “nutritious breakfast” options. But the things you are taking from the store, are they really healthy? What do you think?
We need wholesome food in the morning as we need to kick-start our whole system with energy. Sometimes we might feel that we are not hungry but that doesn’t mean you should skip your breakfast. Eating right food in your breakfast will help you to satisfy your hunger and control your blood sugar levels.
But eating ready-made food from supermarkets will not give you all the necessary nutrients it shows in its TV commercial or in its wrapper. A perfect breakfast should have the right amount of protein, fiber, fats and essential oils which can be acquired only from whole, unprocessed foods. Let’s break the common breakfast myths, and see which you think healthy are really healthy or not.
Packaged Cereals-
Cereals are processed products that contain gluten which is addictive for you. Most cereals are high in sugar content and carbohydrates which will increase your blood sugar level to spike and then suddenly drop, leading to mid-morning cravings. If you love your cereals and can’t live without them, then add berries and natural fruits in your cereals and then eat, and pick the cereal from the market based on nutrients contents, like organic grains with high-fiber contents. Try to avoid flavored cereals and opt for a simple one.

A great option against these cereals is oats. You can try out oats in various ways. Just soak them overnight to make overnight oats or prepare them in the morning with hot milk, or try grinding it to make oat milk. All these are really healthy for your system.
Protein Bars-
These bars say that they give you a great amount of protein for the whole day, but in most cases, they lag behind. They are also filled with loads of sugar and chemicals. Those Granola bars might appear tempting, but they are not good for your health. Their ingredients lists contain high sugar, corn syrup or added colors which are not at all good for breakfast.

In it’s place you can make your own protein bar at home with toasted oats, dry fruits, and jaggery! You can easily store them in your refrigerator for few days.
Ready Made Sandwiches-
Sandwiches in eateries might feel tempting, as they are packed with colorful vegetables, mayo, and sauce. Nutrients wise you must think they are packed with all the essential nutrients, like fiber, fat, carbs, but often the quality of vegetables used are not good, the meat used is generally processed and are really greasy. The bread in most cases are white, and preservatives are also added to store it for a long time.
If you want to have sandwiches or burger, then try brown bread, or multi-grain whole wheat bread, add some low-fat butter and your favorite vegetables and then eat it. You can see our Healthy Burger Recipe.

Pastries and Doughnuts-
They come full of refined sugar, carbs, and fat. So this is a breakfast option you must avoid. You can treat yourself in the weekend as a post-breakfast snack, but not regularly.

You can prepare pastries easily in your home for yourself and for your loved ones. Try out your baking skills on weekends and amaze everyone.

Toast with Butter.
Most of us like our toasts with a wholesome amount of butter and some sugar above it. But mostly you feel hungry after eating such a breakfast. You can eat it along with some healthy options such as boiled vegetables or an omelet.

You can easily substitute your white bread with whole grain bread, full-fat butter with low-fat butter or peanut butter(if unavoidable), and a small sprinkle of honey for the sweet lovers.

Flavoured Oatmeal-
Flavoured oatmeals might feel appetizing. Each packet comes with a lot of artificial sugar, preservatives, processed vegetables and taste enhancers, which sometimes contains artificial colors. So it is better to avoid them, and you can buy rolled or steel oats and can prepare dishes of your own.

Bacon and Sausages-
These fall underprocessed meat category. Now studies are claiming that processed meat are “carcinogenic to humans”, mostly causing colorectal cancer. You may avoid sugar and think these as a sugar-free tempting option, but if your packet label says that it contains nitrates, then just avoid it.

Try unprocessed meat, you can have boiled chicken with vegetables if you want all the necessary healthy fats and nutrients from chicken, or can make a quick healthy soup with vegetables and chicken.
Smoothies from Store-
Smoothies of vibrant colors might grab your attention, and you can think them as a healthy breakfast option. But those smoothies contain a lot of sugar and added preservatives.

You can make your own smoothie at home with an ease. Try adding honey in place of sugar, take berries, local fruits and vegetables and then Shake it to Make it.
Sweetened, Flavored Yogurt
The packaged yogurt might promise you low calorie. But mostly they come packed with artificial sweeteners and chemicals. The flavored yogurts are packed with lots of sugar and are not healthy. For sweetness add honey, fruits or maple syrup. Normal Greek yogurt will provide you with necessary protein, probiotics, calcium, Vitamin B-12 and will keep your tummy full for a longer time.

Fruit Juice-
To all the dieters, this is the best option. Just sip a Glass of Juice and you are ready to Go!! But attention, the way you think it doesn’t always happen that way. Beware of packed juices available in store shelves, as most of them are packed with sweetener and the actual fruit juice content is really very less. The high sugar content takes you closer to Type-2 Diabetes, obesity and other harmful diseases. Moreover, juice is not a wholesome food, it doesn’t contain protein, fibers, and essential nutrients.

Be more innovative with your fruit juice. Prepare them in your home, add some greens veggies, some orange, some carrot and give a mix. You will be amazed at its taste. But don’t drink it alone, have this with other breakfast items, like whole wheat bread, it will give you carbs also.
Uncooked Vegetables-
Uncooked vegetables, as the first thing in the morning, will put your stomach in a little bit uneasy situation. The amino acids will result in heartburn, stomach ache, results in the uneasy situation. Avoid vegetables having high acidic concentration, like tomatoes.

You might think a cup of coffee can give you an instant energy boost. Drinking coffee will not give you with all the necessary nutrients you need for the whole day. The caffeine in coffee will decrease your appetite for a short amount of time, but later you will indulge in those unhealthy snack bars in your workplace or college. You gain all those extra pounds.

If you want to have a cup of coffee, have your breakfast and then sip into a cup of coffee.

Skipping Breakfast is the most unhealthy thing you can do to your health. So take care of yourself, prepare a wholesome breakfast for you and your family. Don’t indulge in binge eating by skipping your breakfast, eat healthy snacks. Once in a while have a cheat day and eat all the dishes you like. Eat Well Stay Well.
Happy Eating, and Happy Reading!

Article – Subhajit Chowdhury

Edited by- Debolina Ghosh

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Summer Special Fruit Salad

Summer brings to us an array of colourful fruits and veggies. An easy fruit salad can be very fulfilling and delicious for summers! It will give you all the essential vitamins and fibers you need to keep you hydrated and healthy. A bowl of fruit salad will keep your tummy full and help you to get rid of your binge eating. Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of essential nutrients and help you to stay fit within minimum calories. You can have this salad as your evening snack and ditch those fries and oily snacks. A bowl of delicious salad is easy to digest and is light on the tummy, perfect for hot summers!
Let’s go to the recipe ➡️
All the ingredients needed for this salad is easily available or can be bought from your nearby store. You may add or replace the fruits and veggies according to your likings! Some innovation is certainly going to come out of your head. Lastly, it is an extremely easy recipe, will be done in a jiffy!
What all do you need –
1. Apple(1) – Chopped into pieces
2. Cucumber (1)- Chopped into pieces
3. Tomato (1)- Cut into pieces
4. Watermelon(1cup) – Cut into pieces
5. Curd – 1 cup
6. Honey – 2 Tsp
7. Sea salt – 1/2 Tsp
8. Chaat masala ( Indian mix of spices) – 1tsp
9. Red Chilly Powder- A pinch
10. Lemon juice – 1 Tsp
11. Chia seeds: 2tsp (Optional)
1. Whisk the curd in a big bowl and mix all the spices.
2. Add the chopped vegetables, and top it with the tomatoes cut into rings.
3. Garnish with a drizzle of honey and some chia seeds.
4. Sprinkle a pinch of red chilly powder and drizzle a teaspoon of lemon juice for that extra tangy and spicy taste.
Nutritional Facts :
1. The curd is ideal for summers and aids in digestion. It has similar benefits as milk and contains phosphorus and calcium. Calcium helps to prevent the formation of cortisol in your body and helps you shed extra fat.image_search_1525020731624
2. An apple is an ideal fruit with less than 100 calories, it is one of nature’s superfoods. It is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, and phytonutrients. Apples are free of fat, sodium, cholesterol and has ample amount of fiber.
3. Tomatoes are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Tomatoes contain lycopene and beta-carotene and are extremely beneficial for heart health and skin.image_search_1525020148035
4. Cucumber is an ideal fruit for summer, it contains up to 95% water and works a cooling agent. It is extremely low in calorie and has an array of Vitamin and minerals. It contains antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. It contains Vitamin K, B, C, Potassium, and Manganese. It is a fiber-rich fruit and helps you to control weight.image_search_1525020589644
5. Watermelon is one of nature’s superfood. For knowing more about this fruit, please read our article Watermelon Cooler | Shake It Make It.77335_adapted_1080x1920
6. Chia seeds are one of the essential seeds to be included in your diet. To know more click the given link 9 Super Healthy Seeds For Your Well-Being.
Hope you all will like this simple yet nutrient-rich salad recipe. It will be extremely easy to make but will surely be appetizing. Do share your thoughts and suggestions with us in the comment box.
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Happy Reading.
Article: Debolina Ghosh

14 Inspirational Books You Must Read Once In Your Life Time

The fresh smell of the new pages of a book while flipping it, is probably one of the best feelings in the world. Books can take us to another world, away from the drudgery that life is. Books can be our favourite companion to get indulged into after a stressful day. Through books, we can dive into the magical unknown world and explore our fantasies. Apart from this, books help us to believe in life and goals through the power of words.
On World Book Day 2018, let’s take a look at some of the most popular Inspirational Books which will not only motivate you but also help you to understand the power of your dreams and goals. Read these books and believe in your dreams, and set out to move forward in the direction of your dreams.
” Remember that there is no mistakes in life, only lessons. There is no such thing as a negative experience, only opportunities to grow, learn and advance along the road of self-mastery. “
– Robin Sharma in The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
The 14 Inspirational Books which you should read are –
1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
It’s written by Stephen R. Covey, the book tells us about the proven principle of righteousness, goodness, candor, and human decency. One of the habits told in this book is –
Think Win-Win: It is a personality based-code for human communication and association. We mostly things only I will win and the other will fail. But here the psychology is different we have to live in a united area, not a comparative one. We must seek collective benefit in all human interactions. You can possess win-win attitude by having integrity, maturity, abundance mentality.

2. The Greatest Salesman In The World
This book was written by Of Mandino, that serves the life ideology and philosophy of salesmanship and the way to get accomplishment while doing this.
The story of Hafid, who is a poor camel boy and he achieves a life of affluence is the story depicted in the book which will give you various insights of life. The book is pretty short. The book is about a man who finds scrolls which will make him the greatest salesman in this world. Just giving you a sagacity about one scroll
I will persist until I succeed :
“I was not delivered until this world in defeat, nor does failure course in my veins.”
“The price of life is at the end of each journey, not near the beginning.”

3. Awaken The Giant Within
This book by Tony Robbins will help you to control your life. It provides a step-by-step guide to self-mastery that will help you to discover your true potential, take your life’s objective, and will help to shape your destiny.
One great line from this book is “For most people, the fear of loss is much greater than the desire for gain.”

4. Screw It Let’s Do It
It is one of the favourite saying for Richard Branson. This book will let you know the lessons the Virgin tycoon applied in his life, like believing it can be done if others disagree with you, try again and again till you achieve your goal. Love the work you do. You can incorporate these wonderful lessons from this book in your own life. And it will inspire you to do exception in your life.

5. The Art of Happiness
The book is written by Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler, the psychiatrist who interviewed Dalai Lama and then this book came up. The concept of this book is about life’s happiness, peace, calmness. The happiness depends upon your mental state, circumstances, external conditions, or events.
One lesson from this book is-
“The only constant thing is the change”, Dalai Lama says that suffering is a part of life, but when we reject ourselves and start blaming ourselves then problems arises. So we should change this character and perspective of life. Resistance to change leads to suffering.

6. The Four Agreements
This book is written by don Miguel Ruiz, he reveals the self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create the way for suffering. The four agreements is a powerful way to reconstruct our lives to get the new experience of freedom, profligacy, truthiness, bliss, love, and affection.
This book says:
Always do your best
Your best changes from moment to moment;
Your best is different when being healthy or being sick.
Simply give your best under any circumstances.

7. The Magic of Thinking Big
This masterpiece from David Schwartz contains the secrets needed to get the best out of your life, job, family life. This book tells you to cumulative success. You must think big if you want to achieve big and you must motivate yourself to improve you’re work-life, balance it, earn more money and lead a full filling life.
“Do what you fear and the fear disappears”- a famous quote by the author.

8. The Gift of Imperfection
It is written by Brené Brown.This book shows you that how you can embrace yourself and accept your inner flaws, instead of constantly running to be the image you are trying to be because you cannot make everyone happy.
One very popular line from the book is:
“Comparison breeds conformity. The more you compete, the more boring you’ll get.”

9. How to Win Friends & Influence people
This book was written by Dale Carnegie. Till now over 30 million copies are being sold.
Some of the teachings of this book are
Techniques in Handling People
  • Don’t criticize, condemn or complain others
  • Give honest and sincere appreciation to people you deal with
  • Arouse in the other person an eager want for y


10.Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a 1997 book written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. The book is about his real father who is poor and the father of his best friend who is rich-and the ways by which his thoughts about money and investing are changed by this two men.
The five big ideas are-
  • The poor and the middle-class people they work for money. Whereas the rich people out there work for themselves.
  • It’s not how much money you make that matters. It’s how much money you keep for yourself that matters.
  • The single most powerful asset we all have in our mind. And we must know how to utilize it, whether wisely or different way.

11. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
This book by Robin Sharma is a gem of a book. This book is a fable about Julian Mantle, a high-profile attorney with a crazy schedule and a set of priorities that center around money, power, and prestige. And how his life changes after he faces a heart attack. Then he sells all his possessions and goes to India to seek a more meaningful life existence. When he returns back, he’s a changed man. His perspective on life thinking is changed fully. He has learned from some mythical Himalayan gurus how to live a happy an wonderful life without thinking about the money and richness.

12. You Can Win
This book by Shiv Khera is also a powerful book which will change your way of thinking towards life. This book will help you to build confidence by mastering the seven steps of positive thinking. You’ll be able to change your weakness into strengths. Take charge of things which are happening around you, rather than the control you.
One of the famous quotes from this book is-
“The winner has a solution for
every problem; the loser has a
a problem for every solution.”

13. The Alchemist
The novel was written by Paulo Coelho in the Portuguese language in the year 1988, soon it became a hit and it got translated into 70 languages by 2016. The story is about a young shepherd Santiago, his dreams of traveling the world and to discover treasures. The boy was courageous enough to follow his destiny. The books main theme is to follow your own destiny and lays emphasis on the importance of the journey more than the goal.
The most famous line from this book is –
“When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

14. Inner Engineering
This book is written by The Mystic- Sadhguru. The book has a tagline “A Yogi’s Guide To Joy”-truly defines the content of the book. In this revolutionary book, visionary, mystic Sadhguru tells us about his life experiences. How he experienced spirituality and how yoga transformed his life. This powerful methods told by him made your mind and body in a tranquil position with energies around and within you, creating a world of limitless power and welcoming possibilities.
The book says- “Inner Engineering is your own software for joy and well-being.”

Don’t fear to go in the path of your dreams. Remember that failures are just hurdles in your way and can’t stop you from moving forward.
Read these books and be inspired by them. Don’t forget to let us know about your suggestions and thoughts about this post in the comments box. Happy Reading 😊
Article by – Subhajit Chowdhury
Edited by – Debolina Ghosh

Glam Ego Box : Review and Unboxing

Subscription boxes brings to us a very unique concept. With several new concepts coming up in India, these boxes bring to us a range of beauty products in a single box every month. You get to try newer brands and variety of products at an unbelievable price tag. It’s undoubtedly one of the best surprises you can give to yourself or to a near or dear one.
GlamEgo is one of the best subscription boxes available in the Indian Market currently and can be a steal deal in terms of quality and price tag. Let’s get a sneak peek of all the products you can get to try this month in the Glam Ego box.
Packaging and Theme: Comes in a classy box with magnetic closure and had an outer brown covering for extra protection. This month the box is light green in colour and every month there’s a new theme. This month the theme is “Summer Skincare”.

Price: For a single month subscription you need to pay INR 399. If you subscribe for longer the price you pay is even lesser. 3 month subscription costs you INR 349/month, 6 months subscription costs you INR 319/month, and an year of subscription will be for just INR 299/ month. The box will be delivered at your doorstep every month.
April Box Contents:
The April Box has total 5 products in it and all of them are based on the theme of Summer Skincare. You get products worth up to 1800 at such a low price.

1. My Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer: Upto INR 499
This product has been featured in the Eminent Vogue Beauty Awards, has all natural ingredients, is petroleum free and non-toxic. Contains Spf 15 which will protect your pretty lips from the harmful UV rays and keep them soft and pink. The lip moisturizer gives a lovely tiny and has an amazing fragrance.
Net Content : 14 gm

2. Nelf USA Compact: INR 350
This compact contains Spf 18 and is dermatologically tested. It’s non comedogenic and gives a fresh finish perfect for a summer day-out.
Net Content: 9gm

3. Tjori Anti-Tan Pack: INR 525
This product is made of an age old recipe, contains wild turmeric and helps you to get rid of all the tan in a natural way. It comes in a powder form and has to be mixed with any liquid of your choice like water or rose water.
Net Content: INR 525

4. Vedic Line Gold Facial Kit: INR 350
This Facial kit comes with 6 different sachets and is very convenient to use. A gold facial in a parlour will cost you much more, but with this one you can do facial for at least 2 times in the comfort of your home. It contains some amazing ingredients and will give your face that glowing look.
Net Content: 49gm

5. Summer Treat from Glam Ego : INR 150
As a summer treat I received Vital Nourishment Cream from Natural Bath and Body. It contains grapefruit and Vitamin C and is good as a daily moisturizer. It has a pleasant fragrance and is not very thick.
Net Content: 20ml

The contents are really amazing and is a steal deal. It suffices most of your summer needs.
I will be coming up with individual product reviews as well after using these products. Do watch out this space for more.
Doesn’t the contents make you excited? Go grab the box ➡️
Review by – Debolina Ghosh
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Suits To Suit Your Style

“Elegance is not catching somebody’s eyes, it’s staying in somebody’s memory” – Giorgio Armani


If there is one outfit I have always found elegant it’s the suit. Actually, a wardrobe of a man cannot be complete without a suit. Globally, the most accepted piece of attire, it is a mark of one’s reputation, character and style. It is one of the most stylish outfits that we have in our wardrobe, but mind you, it is one of the most confusing ones as well. So before being sceptical about your favourite piece of an outfit just read through the lines and get a better idea.

“A suit is a two or three piece outfit consisting of a jacket or trouser of the same fabric and sometimes accompanied by a waistcoat.”


Types of men’s suits:

Single Breasted

A single-breasted jacket has only one set of buttons and buttonholes, which do not overlap. It can be two buttoned, generally accepted, or three buttoned. The one button version is generally for dinner jackets. The single-breasted jacket may be worn with a waistcoat, a close-fitting waist-length garment, without sleeves or collar. Waistcoat may be made of the same fabric of the suit. It has a ‘V’ shaped neck and the back is of silk. Also called, the British style suit, it generally gives a casual look as compared to the double-breasted.

single breasted

Double Breasted

A bigger, bolder suit statement, the double-breasted suit has the more flashy peak lapels and six to eight buttons on the front. Instead of closing directly in the centre, double-breasted suits button on one side, usually the wearer’s right. These have more fabric and cut a bigger, bolder frame. They’re more formal than single-breasted suits and worn to make a statement.

double breasted

Lounge Suits

Lounge suits, a man’s formal suit for ordinary day wear. As meant for day work so the fit is comfortable. It can be worn with or without a tie. Light to medium colours is preferred. Single breasted is preferred with two buttons. Three buttons give it a more formal look. Lately, linen suits are a big draw in this category.

Lounge Suits

Dinner Suits

Dinner suits, basic black tie suit. Generally in dark colours and traditional fit. Lately, slim fit is preferred.

Dinner suits

Business Suits

Next in line are the business suits, very formal cut and stylish in sober colours and sharp fits. Different from lounge, as they are more conservative and formal, common being the pinstripe suit in navy or black. Double and single-breasted, both go well.

Business suits

Mandarin Suits

Mandarin suit is an oriental inclusion into this list. With a Nehru collar or the band collar, is generally worn with a full button on. Cut very closely to the body, gives a very lean and sharp look. These are very elegant for an evening out.

Mandarian suits

Wedding Suits

Wedding suits for the ceremonial occasions are catching on fast. They vary in cuts and silhouettes. Fabrics are velveteen, jacquard and other sheen or a luxury fabric meant for luxury wear. The trend is currently of single to two buttons with slim fit. Experiment with lapels and pockets.

Wedding suits


And yes, the tuxedos are ultra formal and the ultimate in the suit line. It can be stylized for the ceremonial wear. It is mostly seen being worn by Hollywood stars walking the Oscar red carpet in the traditional black tuxedo. Has widely caught up in the eastern part too. Can be worn with a cummerbund, same colour or of some dark royal tone in satin preferably.



Now that you know about suits, you need to complete your look by picking up the correct suit colour, shirt, trousers and accessories that go with it which is coming up in our next blog. Till then stay put and enjoy the weekend. !!


Article- Sankhadeep Dey

Picture Courtesy- Google